Polishing of metallic surfaces for works

If you work and practice your profession in the building works sector, point out “Saulinox” in your notes like the place you must visit to find that polishing of metal surfaces and metal finishing you want.

We can give a unique touch with our works of polishing and finishing of metal surfaces like blasting, satin, or vibrating for large-scale pipelines, railings, structures such as bridges and stadiums, artworks made of stainless steel, doors, and window. We have high safety parameters in our works in this field, because many lives depend on our results, so we work hard to offer much more than just quality.

Saulinox services cover any sizes of metal surfaces, meeting every regulation on each sector and reaching your requirements. Your product will stand out, have a long useful life, and will be easy to clean, no matter in which place it’ll be.

Sector: Works

Most used polishes: Brightness, Satin and Vibrated, Sandblasting and lacquered

Our customers

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