Polished gloss of metallic surfaces

The procedure for polishing of metal surfaces is worldwide known, and the first and most used is the high gloss or Prisma gloss. Why is this process so used? Here are the advantages: easy to apply on any surface, easy to clean, and the surface will always look good.

In the metallurgic industry, high gloss is the less complex operation for polishing metal surfaces, and that is why all industries can use it, from the food sector to the nautical area. At Saulinox, we understand every treatment to realize during the polishing of metal surface depending on which metal we’re using.

However, it doesn’t matter if it is steel, aluminum, chromium, or stainless steel: we have the machinery and professionals needed for it. We take to the reality techniques like grinding, linear and rotary finishing, deburring, beveled, and many more.

We are passionate about details and for being useful and trustworthy for each of our clients.Polishing of metal surfaces requires extreme attention, and the right machines. Come to Saulinox! and give us the chance to make your life easier.

Sector: Pharmacy

Most used polishes: Brightness

Our customers

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