Polished satin and biting of metallic surfaces

There are other types of polishing of metal surfaces, like vibratory finishing and satin. We understand and know how to use them; what about you?

Satin finishing stands out as the first option for interior decoration. This metal finishing doesn’t include iron in its chemical composition, so it has zero magnetization, and it is cheaper to produce.

On the other hand, vibratory finishing has texture, and is usually worked dry due to the chemical pollution previous techniques brought. The vibratory finishing process can vary, from linear to rounded, from 1300 to 1500 rpm and if it is necessary to do passivation.Food industries, for processing and cookware, use this finishing for machinery and kitchen furniture.

Do you see it? We know from end to end every action and technique we use, and the results they can have. For us, it isn’t only the polishing and finishing of metal surfaces, must be quality and usefulness.

Sector: Food

Most used polishes: Satin and Vibrated

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