Sandblasting and lacquering of metallic surfaces

It’s also called sanding or shot blasting, and it’s a method of polishing of metal surfaces that applies for every type of piece, and every industry field.

This tactic has many options, such as glass bead blasting, wheel blasting, and air blasting because the purpose is still the same: to clean through from through the surface. Generally, this blasting comes before any other polishing of metal surface procedure.

As a polishing, industry, Saulinox is in good standing and in compliance with safety measure to our employments, and cares about our clients opinions, taking as our unique reference NACE and ISO regulations.

On the other corner, lacquered, strengths the quality of the polishing and provides color to the surface. Plus, acts as a key factor with extremes temperatures. It used to be a liquid painting; however, now it’s powder due to the environmental impact that had that one.

It’s more used in the building works field, just as much as inland, aeronautical, and marine transportation sector. Now that you know every type of polishing, its uses and advantages: do you still have doubts? In the Saulinox team, we’re happy to offer you our services in polishing and finishing of metal surfaces, pleased to be part of that project you imagine, and we create.

Sector: Works

Most used polishes: Sandblasting and lacquered

Our customers

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